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VISION    To become a work unit ensuring efficient services   

MISSION  To be the focal point for the Institute’s general administrative affairs  

INVENTIVE VALUE  To tenaciously give quality work and complete satisfaction to all clientele     


                The Central Division was established in order to support NIDA’s general administrative affairs in domains of:

1. Document, meeting, official functions, and other momentous events;   

2. Premises, public utilities, facilities, and audio-visual work; and   

3. Policy, administration, as well as NIDA’s advertisement and goals so that the Institute can perform its overall activities with high efficacy and productivity.     



1. Adopt participatory administrative principles by taking into account the common benefits and the customers’ comments for efficiency enhancement 

2. Prioritize teamwork by promoting and developing the Division’s personnel to become more knowledgeable and professionally competent so that they can contentedly perform tasks to their fullest potential.




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