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 1. The University Council Affairs Section is divided the work in the section into two teams ,each of which takes on its job duties and responsibilities as follows: 1.1 The University Council Affairs perform duties as follows:       1.1.1 University Council Meetings , Regular Agenda ,every the month after next        1.1.2 University Council Meetings , Special Agenda; in the no meeting month,regular agenda       1.1.3 Role review meeting of the University Council (retreat)       1.1.4 Board self-evaluation committee meeting, etc.       1.1.5 Prepare for the University Council’s Annual Action Plan in budget year       1.1.6 Nomination for President of University Council and Honorable Committee       1.1.7 Prepare to hand over to new University Council       1.1.8 Strength Building in the Relationship:                   - University Council President’s Birthday, Honorable Committee                   - New Year’s Party of University Council                  - University Council meet the Community                  - University Council participate of Institute’s activity,for example, the establishment of NIDA and graduation Ceremony,etc.       1.1.9 Development of the University Council Committee                   - Join the outside courses seminar       1.1.10 Accounting and Budget       1.1.11 Finance and Accounting       1.1.12 Procurement 1.2 Analysis,Monitoring,and Evaluation Team is responsible for analysis work and collect document,information,statistics ,report making,and conclude University Council’s submission document:       1.2.1 Analysis and synthesis policy,and follow up the Council resolution       1.2.2 Monitor the overall operation of the University Council       1.2.3 Prepare Self-Assessment Report (SAR) on the academic-year ( Office of the Higher  Education Commission  : OHEC Indicator 7.1)       1.2.4 Evaluation of the overall operation of the University Council (overview) on the academic-year (ONESQA Indicator 12)       1.2.5 Annual budget year’s (individual) self-assessment       1.2.6 Database Work:           - Rule,Regulation,Command,and University Council’s announcement            - Meeting Reports and Resolutions is responsible for the analysis work,collect document,information

                                ,statistics and report making ,and conclude in the University Council’s 

                                  submission document
                              - Collect regulations, orders, rules and offer University Council’s

                                  President to be signed
                      1.2.7 Plan work
                      1.2.8 Other tasks as assigned


            2. Administration and Clerical Work Section  is divided into three teams:
  2.1 General Administration Team
                       Accounting and finance,procurement and maintenance,book printing,the

                       production of documents,document receipt and distribution,document 

                       submission for  consideration,correspondence,information

                       circulation,register/array and archive of NIDA’s important document,

                       electronic document system, contact work ,5S activity, catering , etc.

    2.2 Quality Assurance and Plans Team
          Plan and budget,educational quality assurance, internal control system,risk management,etc.
    2.3 Human Resource Team
       Manpower planning,framework for determining the position and manpower, performance assessment, personal system development, providing of personnel history file,monitoring and records including all types of leave reports,giving qualified person a higher position,checking personal qualifications to earn the insignia through the corporate hierarchy or operations support  of the organization involved.


3. Document Section is divided into four main teams to perform their particular functions as shown below.  

     3.1 Official Ceremony/Showcase Event Team takes care of NIDA  Convocation Ceremony, Songkran festival, NIDA Inception Day, His Majesty the King’s and Her Majesty the Queen’s birthday anniversaries, the annual Royal Katin Ceremony, the farewell party for retirees, the New Year’s party, NIDA Plaque Award Ceremony for distinguished patrons/alumni, and social activities on behalf of the Institute. Other special tasks include selection of the president and the vice president, election of the Board of Regents members, and administrative affairs related to the use of NIDA emblem.              

     3.2 Meeting Team is responsible for executive meetings, namely dean meetings, dean meetings for administration, executive meetings for general and administrative affairs, and other general meetings as specially assigned. The meeting database and all meeting resolutions are handled and retained by this team as well.    

     3.3 Central Document Team deals with document receipt and distribution, document submission for consideration and decision-making, correspondence, information circulation, register/array and archive of NIDA’s important document, database, and the Institute’s document service/shared information. The Institute’s electronic document management system is also supported by this team.   

     3.4 Administrative and General Affairs Team carries out a wide variety of tasks, e.g. planning & budgeting, finance & accounting, personnel, education quality assurance, internal control system, risk management, procurement & reparation/maintenance, typing, document production, enquiry, clean-up, photocopying, banquet preparation, etc.


            4. Finance and Procurement Section is divided into two teams:
                  4.1 Finance and Accounting Team performs duties as follows:
                        4.1.1 Record keeping,cheque,money receiving, money saving,and

                     withdraw-deposit (annual government statement of expenditure 

                       and government revenue)

                        4.1.2 Payables/Receivables Records

                        4.1.3 Financial status report,annual government statement of 

                     expenditure ,and government revenue

                        4.1.4 Keeping finance and accounting documents
                 4.2 Procurement Team performs duties as follows:
                       4.2.1 Materials requirements planning / projects
                       4.2.2 Make a purchase/procurement/providing materials / durable

                       4.2.3 Distribute materials / durable articles to all sections.
                       4.2.4 Control disbursement,accounting , registration,and durable

                     articles and sell supplies.
                       4.2.5 Create all types of institution’s repaired durable articles

                       4.2.6 Make all types of institution’s central durable articles accounting

                       4.2.7 Make annual procurement reports.
                       4.2.8 Make the approved data to purchasing / procuring materials and

                     inspect materials / durable articles in GFMIS system
                       4.2.9 Make the approved data to purchasing / procuring materials /

                                durable articles in the e-GP system


            5. Audio-Visual Section performs duties involved in services for the classrooms,

          meeting rooms,including all media production consists of four teams:
                 5.1 Video tape and Still Image Production Team is to provide various media

         services ,e.g.taking the still image,video tape, etc.
                 5.2 Image and Sound System Team is to provide audio-visual services for  

         classrooms and meeting rooms.

                5.3 Maintenance Team checks and maintains audio visual equipment for

         classrooms and meeting rooms.
                5.4 Classroom / Meeting Room / Garden / Football Field Reservation Service 

         Team is to provide classrooms,training rooms services daily/termly.


          6. Master Plan and Premises Section is divided into four teams, each of which

               takes on its job duties and responsibilities as follows: 

               6.1 Development and Master Plan Team performs duties space allocation within

               the institution appropriately including physical environment development planning

               and facilitation learning and working.

               6.2 Providing interests and places Team performs duties in supervision

               and facilitation,contacting for facilities services use in terms of both site preparation

               and cleanliness of meeting / training / seminar room including all trader

               management within the institution

               6.3 Security Guard Team is obliged to ensure safety of the Institute’s people,

               properties, traffic, and parking lot. The Team oversees and facilitates the

               opening/closing of NIDA buildings, security service contractor, and telephone

               receiving and transfer outside working hours.  

               6.4 Vehicle Team assumes full responsibility for document/package receiving-

               sending services, personnel, vehicle register and record preparation, car insurance,

               spare part and fuel supply, as well as car maintenance. 


          7.Civil Engineering and Maintenance Section consists of two teams:

   7.1 Civil Engineering Team takes care of civil design and construction cost

estimation,renovation,and other related work.

   7.2 Maintenance Team performs duties including inspection,supervision,control and maintenance for all utilities such as electricity,water supply,telephone,sanitation,and other related systems including repairing durable articles.

         7.2.1) Coordinate with other organizations such as Metropolitan Electricity

Authority,Metropolitan Waterworks Authority and so on.

         7.2.2) Control and supervise relevant contractors


          8. Landscape Architecture Section is divided the work in the section into the two

                teams,each of which takes on its job duties and responsibilities as follows:
               8.1 Landscape Architecture Team performs duties as follows:
                      8.1.1 Supervise landscape architecture work within the institution

                      - Prepare the soil for planting
                      - Plant a potted plant
                      - Tree planting into the field
                      - Digging the soil around tree
                      - Maintenance, watering, fertilizing and tilling the soil by putting manure

                        alternating with chemical fertilizers
                     - Pruning small branches and trees, cutting grasses
                     - Protect all types of decorative and flowering plants against pests within the


                     - Tree bracing
                     - Plant propagation,taking care of all types of decorative and flowering plants for

                       decoration place in all activities of the institute
                     - Produce compost
                     - Cleaning the garden pond waterfalls
                     - Decorating places in the activities of the institute
                     - Check equipment for landscape architecture work,detect price,take orders,and

                       store to provide adequate to use
                     - Monitoring maintenance of materials and durable articles,and

                       equipment,e.g.,lawn mower,automated water system,pump,trimmer,Shrub 

                       Trimming Tool, digging hoe,spade,scissor cutting branches ,sprayer,etc.
                     8.1.2 Assign tasks to landscape architect staff each day
                     8.1.3 Supervise and renovate landscape architecture to the beautiful campus all the time

                     8.1.4 Advising on all landscape architecture work
                     8.1.5 Make the landscape architecture staff an operational calendar,e.g., pruning

                       (small and large trees),cutting grasses, fertilization, tilling soil,and spraying,etc.
                     8.1.6 Send the landscape architecture staff to receive training from internal and

                       external organizations to enhance their knowledge.
                     8.1.7 NIDA Ban Bueng Green Park Project
                     8.1.8 NIDA Sikew Natural Heritage Project
                     8.1.9 Liaising all duties and other tasks as assigned.
              8.2 Garden Team performs duties as follows:

                     8.2.1 Tree planting
                       - Prepare the soil for planting
                       - Plant a potted plant
                       - Planting trees into the field
                     8.2.2 Digging the soil around tree

                     8.2.3 Maintenance, watering, fertilizing,and tilling the soil by putting manure

                       alternating with chemical fertilizers

                     8.2.4 Pruning branches and small trees, cutting grasses
                     8.2.5 Protect all types of decorative and flowering plants against pests within the

                     8.2.6 Tree bracing

                     8.2.7 Plant propagation, taking care of all types of decorative and flowering plants for

                       decorating places in all activities of the institute
                     8.2.8 Producing compost
                     8.2.9 Clean the garden pond waterfalls
                     8.2.10 Decorate places in all activities of the institute
                     8.2.11 Other tasks as assigned


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